What Is The Meniscus?

Meniscus are two pieces of cartilage inside your knee. They lie between your thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia). Meniscus act like shock absorbers for your knee, providing cushioning for your bones and knee joint. Meniscus also increases surface area of contact between femur and tibia thus preventing weight to be concentrated on a small area.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Torn Meniscus?

People who had tear in meniscus often feel like something has popped in their knee at the time of the injury.

  • Pain in knee joint
  • Swelling over knee.
  • Stiffness of knee joint.
  • Being unable to fully bend or straighten your leg.

Treatment For Meniscus Tear :

low grade meniscus tear can be treated conservatively with medication and physiotherapy. High grade tear need arthroscopic repair using all inside suture technique.

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