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The posterior cruciate ligament or PCL, is the strongest ligament of the knee. PCL injury accounts for more than 20% of reported knee injuries. A torn PCL is commonly missed and left undiagnosed in many cases.

The posterior cruciate ligament’s most important function is to prevent posterior translation of the knee and it gives stability to your knee. If you are experiencing pain in the ligament behind the knee and also instability of knee, you may be a candidate for PCL knee surgery.

How PCL Reconstruction Surgery Is Performed?

In PCL reconstruction surgery, a new PCL is made from a graft. graft is made from a portion of the patient’s own hamstring tendon.

PCL reconstruction surgery is performed using minimally invasive arthroscopic technique.


Successful PCL reconstruction paired with physiotherapy can usually restore stability and function to your knee. Recovery generally takes about one month.

It may take eight to 4 to 6 months before athletes can return to their sports.

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